eZee Malaysia becomes 1st to receive GST compliance ceritificate.

eZee Technosys Malaysia obtains the official certificate of GST compliant hospitality software, by Royal Malaysian Customs Department.

<blockquote>“This is a very exciting opportunity for us.” said Loke Chee Hong- CEO of eZee Malaysia. “The GST Compliance Certificate from Malaysia Authority is recognizing our expertise in GST Knowledge in the hospitality industry. This enables us to further enhance our services and assist our clients and hotel properties with GST implementation and simplify hotel and restaurant operations”</blockquote><p>On April 1st, 2015, the government of Malaysia introduced a new taxing order of GST (Good and Service Tax) in the country. To aid hotels and restaurants in Malaysia adopt the new GST structure, eZee Technosys- leading hospitality solutions provider, introduced their GST compliant hospitality solutions. In 2011, they established a branch office in Kuala Lumpur- eZee Malaysia, to look after the sales, support and marketing of eZee solutions in ASEAN countries. Despite the daunting competition, eZee Malaysia has solely captured more than 15% market share in Malaysian hospitality industry.</p> <p>Subsequently, the Royal Malaysian Customs recently certified eZee Solutions to be GST compliant. As of now eZee Technosys is the first hospitality solutions provider in the country to be certified in Hotel Software and POS categories by the ministry, giving eZee Malaysia a significant competitive edge over the various local vendors. &nbsp;</p> <p>Moreover, with the implementation of GST, the government in Malaysia introduced a series of GST Act for instance taxable period, late submission penalty, discrepancy of GST form and report (e.g: GST-03) etc , and issued a warning against the use of handwritten receipts. Thus, making it mandatory on properties to install a certified GST compliant software to automate hotel and restaurant operations according to GST guidelines.&nbsp;</p> <p>Adding to the advantage, eZee has always been a pioneer in understanding the market demands and evolving the solutions accordingly. Their GST compliant software not only calculates the sales and expenses accurately but also captures all the transactions according to GST guidelines.</p> <p>According to industry experts, eZee Malaysia has been actively strategizing their approach on sales and methods to upsurge the brand name of eZee in the country. The recent scenario suggest that eZee Malaysia already possess a huge market share in the hospitality industry of Malaysia and acquiring the GST compliance certificate, has bought eZee much closer to their goal of acquiring the majority hospitality market share in Malaysia by 2016.</p>




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